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Customer Testimonials
Dear Mr. Godard:

    Recently my husband and I were at your dealership to test-drive a 2003 Chevrolet S-10 Crew Cab pick up truck. We were treated splendidly by all your staff!

    Mr. Bob Juhl was the first person we met. He took the time to get to know more about us, as well as our vehicle needs. Mr. Juhl then instructed us to test-drive the vehicle and to take our time.

    After deciding to make the purchase, Mr. Juhl promptly followed-up with more information and scheduled a time to complete financing. When we arrived, we were met by Mr. Juhl and Mr. Gumpp. Mr. Gumpp was very friendly and made our financing process unbelievably painless!

    Mr. Juhl and Mr. Gumpp are certainly shining examples of customer service! We were greeted with a smile and offered help. Both Mr. Juhl and Mr. Gumpp certainly added to our smooth car-buying experience.

    We are both pleased with our decision to purchase from Godard Auto Sales & Leasing because of your outstanding selection and fantastic crew. We will definitely recommend Godard Sales & Auto Leasing to our friends, relatives, associates, neighbors and co-workers!


Dear Tim Godard, Bo Davidson, and Associates,

    I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience in buying a 2003 F-350 diesel truck from Godard Auto Sales and Leasing. I searched the Internet for several weeks before finding this truck at Godard Auto Sales. I then called and talked with Mr. Bo Davidson who described the truck to me. He assured me it was in very good condition. Next, I explained my previous experiences with used car salesmen in my area. He inspected the truck once again and told me he thought I would be pleased with it.

    The most unbelievable fact was my wife and I had to drive 856 miles (one way) to inspect the truck at today’s gasoline prices. Therefore, we did drive this distance based strictly on Mr. Davidson’s word.

    After arriving in Medina, Ohio and meeting with Mr. Davidson, I inspected the truck which was in better condition that he had described.

    To make a long story short, whatever Mr. Bo Davidson tells you “That’s the way it is!” I think in today’s society this is truly rare. Thank you very much for your honest.

Very satisfied customer,

Eddie from Mississippi
Dear Tim and Associates,

    I would like to take this opportunity to say just how much I appreciate you working with me on the purchase on my new 2004 Ford Lariat. After a couple of weeks “we” have been joined at the hips and “we” are now great “buddies”. Everything has gone quite well and thanks to you and all my “friends” at Godard, truck purchasing has been made a step easier. It is nice to make you work for the sale. Quit complaining about how cold it is in Detroit in March. You pushed car purchasing to a new level. When you talk to the customer via cell phone at 8:00 A.M. while “working” the lot, I’m sure you impressed a lot of people.

    All my friends at McDonald's felt this was a very unique way of purchasing a car. I said that it was different but Mr. Godard would do anything to have a happy customer. I realize that you can’t go everywhere to purchase cars and be greeted by a guinea hen. Only at Godard! By the way, my wife loves the truck as much as I do, so this may have created additional problems for me. Only time will tell.

    Once again, thanks to Mike, Big Al, Todd, and most of all to the guy who loves to complain about the cold weather. Thanks for making this a pleasurable experience.

Most Sincerely,

Tim Godard,

    I was pleased to receive your letter of thanks for doing business with you and your staff. I’m very satisfied with my package of the F-250 Super Duty, and already tinting the two front windows, putting on other aftermarket accessories on to enhance the look and performance. I had been looking for such a truck for several months and relieved from much anticipation to ever finding what I wanted, when I found this truck on your web site. Mike was very reassuring on the appearance and overall condition of this truck, as I was leery of driving 254 miles one way to buy a vehicle I had never inspected or driven.

    In closing I’d also like to congratulate you on your fine selection of used trucks. As I looked over your lot when I was there, I knew I was going to drive one of them home.

Satisfied Customer,

Just a note to others considering a used car or truck. I started with Godard and ended up at Godard. First heard Tim on a radio ad and I liked his honesty. Of course I contacted some other bigger dealerships as far away as Canton, but Tim Christian at Godard was the only one to reply.

An Akron dealership told me two hours earlier they had what I wanted, I arrived an hour later to learn it was sold... perhaps bait and switch.

Then went to Godard a second time, and didn't fine what I was looking for, but I DID find something even nicer than I was expecting, and left the next day with a nice truck. They are real people, "just want to make an honest living" as Tim says on the radio.

Special thanks to Tim G, Tim Christian, and Todd for making it a smooth and enjoyable experience! I'll be back!!!

Gary M.
Wadsworth, OH
Great experience all the way around. Was treated like a customer should be! Not like a credit score how the majority card dealerships treat you, Todd was excellent, friendly, accurate, professional, very knowledgeable and went above and beyond. Glad to see that customer service still exists in these times. I will be back for my next car. Highly recommended. Thanks Godard Auto and thanks Todd.
Dear Mr. Godard,

This hasn't been a recent purchase but one made in March 2014. My husband had been looking for a Jeep Liberty since before Christmas. When we were finally ready to buy we started going to dealerships. Well let me tell you I think a lot of them have forgot the art of customer service. We went to a Chrysler Dealership and we were very disappointed in the way we were treated. They first made us wait one hour to even test drive their car, then when we went in to see if we could purchase it they were very rude about wanting to go through our financial institution, and when we asked for car fax, they said they would fax it to me. I had to call them every day for one week and still didn't get it. Well needless to say I was fed up with them. So I went on the Internet and saw your web-site and noticed you had two Jeep Liberties. So we drove to Medina from Canton and let me tell you we were not disappointed. We were greeted by such a friendly bunch of sales people that I couldn't believe we were in a car lot.

Boy I say God was guiding us this day. We felt so at ease and comfortable and everyone was so inviting. They asked us if we wanted coffee and talked to us like real people. They were in no rush for a sale. They seemed to truly care about us as customers. There was no sales pressure. Bob Juhl was the salesman that helped us and he was truly a genuine person. We were treated as human beings and not a sales number or a commission. Then after the sale of the car we, were still treated with great customer service.

We are a true testimony to your great customer service. We had a small problem with our window and Bob said to bring it right up and we will fix it. Boy he was so true to his word. He gave us a rental car and our window was fixed in a matter of days. They didn't give us a run a round or any problems about fixing it. They just did it. That was truly amazing.

You will always have our business and the business of as many people that I can tell how great your staff is and how they are willing to treat you right.

Thank you, Mr. Godard for a great dealership and still believing in good customer service.


Eric and Stacey H.
Great experience all the way around. Was treated like a customer should be! Not like a credit score how the majority if car dealerships treat you, Todd was excellent, friendly, accurate, professional, very knowledgeable and went above and beyond. Glad to see that customer service still exist in these times. I will be back for my next car...Highly Recommended. THANKS GODARD AUTO AND THANKS TODD.
Tim Godard helped me purchase the car of my dreams and it was by far the absolute hands-down BEST car buying experience I have ever had in my life!! True story:

I had been working with one of the larger Cadillac dealers in the Columbus area, searching for a specific, rare edition 2014 Cadillac V-Sport XTS. The dealer was, of course, a Cadillac “expert,” so I relied on them to find the car and to price it fairly. A few weeks after starting the search, the rep called me excitedly to tell me that he finally found the car. I drooled over it. But then the price discussions began. I could tell right away that he was playing the typical car dealer games, knowing how much I loved the car and that I’d pay “any price” to have it. He refused to explain in any solid detail what the numbers would look like, but offered only a “ball park” estimate that was, of course, conditional on several factors, including the auction price. In short, the dealer gave me an approximate sales price, required a $500 deposit, and told me that the price was subject to change (likely upward), and did not include tax, title, prep, freight, etc. Once the tax and other fees were added, the “out the door” price was going to be about $6k above what I wanted to spend on the vehicle! Dismayed, I turned to a buddy of mine who recommended that I call Tim Godard, “just to see” what he might be able to do on the same vehicle. And the rest is history. I am now driving the envy of Cadillac owners worldwide, a low mileage custom Platinum edition XTS V-Sport (yes, the one with the 410 HP twin turbo engine!), with every conceivable bell and whistle GM offers. Not only was this transaction smooth, easy, and stress-free, but Tim was 100% transparent with all the numbers – something that I have never experienced in all my car buying years! The price, you wonder? Out the door, I paid about $300 LESS than the Cadillac “expert’s” ballpark SALES price. Yes! I saved at least $6,300! It just goes to show that you can’t simply trust a big dealership, even if they are “experts” in the type of vehicle you are looking to purchase. So the moral of my story: If you don’t buy through Tim Godard, I guarantee that you are paying way too much!
Another fantastic experience - our 2nd time. Great attention and service.
Everyone was friendly and the selection was great.
Everyone was super polite and very helpful.
All questions were answered with my best interest involved.
Well satisfied with my purchase.
Best service and customer service.
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Welcome to Godard Auto Sales & Leasing
Automobiles have been Tim Godard's whole life for, well, his whole life! His career in the auto industry began while washing cars at Godard Ford in Tallmadge, the dealership his father started in 1965. He worked his way up through the parts & service departments to a position of Sales Manager and then General Manager, a position he would hold for eleven years. He assumed ownership of Godard Ford twenty one years ago and successfully ran the dealership until he sold it on December 13, 1999. Eighteen short days later, Tim opened Godard Auto Sales & Leasing in Medina where he specializes in pristine, late model, low mileage used cars! He was impressed with Medina's business growth and most of his salesmen from the Tallmadge store were so impressed with him that they came with him to the new store. This sales staff, who have been with Tim from twelve to twenty-five years, really know the auto business inside and out!
One of Tim's favorite parts of the business is being able to find specific cars his clients have requested. When customers ask him to find a certain make, model, year, and color, he can usually find it! His notebook of customer requests travels with him everywhere and once Tim finds a car that fits his customer's preferences and he's satisfied that the car is in great shape, he calls his customer to let them know the availability and the price. If the customer is still in the market for that particular car and likes the price, Tim gets it for them and another satisfied customer joins the Godard Auto Sales family! Besides a large selection of some of the nicest used cars you're likely to find, Tim also offers vehicle leasing. Tim Godard is rightfully proud of their high quality, low mileage cars and his entire business is built around finding the right cars for his customers and treating them fairly and honestly. Godard Auto Sales & Leasing has a very relaxed for atmosphere for you and your family. When you're looking for a car and you'd like to find a dealer who has your best interest at heart, stop on by the lot to talk to Tim. Story Courtesy of The Medina County Community Advocate
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